Welcome to the School of International Education! 关注公众号StudyatHdu English中文Online Application Overview About HDU Location HDU Profile Campus Guide About SIE Video Why Hdu and Hangzhou Contact us Schools Mechanical Engineering Electronics & Information Communication Engineering Automation Computer Science & Technology Materials & Environmental Engineering Life Information Science & Instrument Engine... Economics Management Accounting Foreign Languages Digital Media and Art Design Humanities and Law Programs Chinese Taught Programs English Taught Programs Admission Undergraduate Graduate Scholarship Zhejiang Provincial Government HDU Scholarship Alumni Online Application Downloads Notice homepage  Notice 关于外国留学生新学期开学相关通知 01报到、注册和上课Registration, Enrollment and Attending Class所有留学生注册时间:9月1日至9月7日Registration time for all international students:from Sep.1 to Sep.72021级新生上课时间:9月13日开始For 2021 new students, classes start from Sep.13其他年级学生上课时间:9月22日开始For other students, classes start from Sep.221、不在华2021级新生电子报到注册 2021 New Students out of China be online Registration因疫情影响,2021级新生暂不能来校报到注册。请同学们按照学校的要求按时完成线上报到注册并按时参加在线课程学习。The freshmen who are abroad cannot do the registration in campu because of COVID-19. Those students shall do the online registration on time as the school requests and later attend the online course teaching.温馨提示:在线注册报到流程请参照微信群内学校发布的具体操作指南Warm Reminder: you can read the guidance school posts in Wechat group to do online registration step by step.2、在读老生报到和注册 Registration for Current Students in and out of China(1)新学期开学时,所有在华老生必须在学校规定的开学开课日前返校,并持本人学生证到国际教育学院指定地点报到注册、查验学生证;所有暂时不能返华返校的老生必须网上(电子)报到注册。At the beginning of the new semester, all current students who are in China now must return to school before the start date specified by the school, holding students’ ID to the designated location of SIE to be registered and checked-in. Current students who cannot return China temporily must do online registration.    注:学生证经学院加盖注册章视为有效。    Note: Only stamped students’ ID considered valid.(2)因故不能按时返校报到注册的在华老生,须按学校规定事先办理请假手续,否则一律按旷课处理。根据学籍管理文件规定,无故逾期两周未返校报到注册者,按自动退学处理。Current students who cannot return to school to register on time for some reasons must go through the formalities for leave in advance according to school regulations, otherwise they will be treated as absenteeism; according to the requests from Students Status Management Documnets, those who fail to return to school to register for two weeks without reason will be treated automatically as dropping out.02缴费Payments学校计财处规定外国留学生缴费时间为:9月1日-10月15日University Financial Department regulates the time to pay the Tuition Fee and Accommodation Fee Per Academic Year from Sep.1 to Oct. 15.1、2021级新生报名费人民币600元 Registration Fee of 2021 New Students: RMB6002、汉语言进修生学费人民币8000元 Tuition Fee of Chinese language program: RMB80003、在读老生缴费标准 University Payment standard for current students按浙江省物价局2018年(浙价费备【2018】3号)的批复,外国留学生的缴费标准为:本科生:文科类18000元/生/学年;理工科类20000元/生/学年。硕士研究生:文科类25000元/生/学年;理工科类28000元/生/学年。According to the Approval of Zhejiang Provincial Price Bureau in 2018, the Undergraduate Program in Liberal Arts: 18,000 RMB/ per academic year.Undergraduate Program in Science and Engineering: 20,000 RMB/ per academic yearGraduate Program of Master in Liberal Arts: 25000 RMB/ per academic yearGraduate Program of Master in Science and Engineering: 28000 RMB / per academic注1:学生应缴纳的学费=学费(T2)-(减)所获奖学金(S)Note 1: Tuition fees to be paid by students = Tuition Fee (T2) Deduct the Amount of the Scholarship (S)注2:在学校留学生公寓住宿的外国留学生必须缴纳的住宿费为:5400元/人/学年Note 2: For all international students live in universitu domitory, the Accommodation fee: 5400 RMB / person /per academic year.4、缴费方式Payment Methods(1)支付宝缴费及流程 Alipay payment and process①打开支付宝,扫描以下二维码Open the mobile Alipay and scan the QR code below②输入学号、姓名Input your ID number and name③认真核对缴费明细Check the accounting details④点击确认缴费Click payment confirmation⑤按提示完成缴费。Pay under system instruction特别说明 Notes在保证学号输入正确的情况下,若提示学号或者姓名有误,请按照以下流程查询你的缴款人姓名:If you are sure that your ID number is put right but the system still hints that incorrect, please follow the procedure below to search your information of payment:①打开手机支付宝app进入主界面Open the mobile Alipay app to enter the main interface②定位到“杭州”Set your location to "杭州"(Hangzhou)③搜索“公共支付”Search for "公共支付"(Pinyin:Gong gong zhi fu)④选择“公共支付-杭州市”Select "公共支付-杭州市"(Pinyin:Gong gong zhi fu-hang zhou)⑤选择“按执收单位”Select "按执收单位"(pinyin:An zhi shou dan wei)⑥业务归属选择“省本级”,执收单位选择“杭州电子科技大学”Select "省本级" (provincial level)for business ownership, and "杭州电子科技大学"(Hangzhou Dianzi University)as the receiving unit⑦查询要素选择“学号”,输入学号Select "学号" (student number)for query elements, and input student ID number⑧查看缴款人姓名Check your payment information(2)银行汇款 Bank transfer学费账户信息:单位名称:杭州电子科技大学单位账号:1202026209008806216-000000001开户银行:工行杭州高新支行特别提示:汇款时,汇款单上必须备注本人学号和姓名,请自行留存好汇款凭证备用。Tuition account information:Unit Name: Hangzhou Dianzi UniversityUnit account number:1202026209008806216-000000001Bank of account:ICBC Hangzhou High-tech BranchNote: When transferring money, please do remember to write down your student ID and name as well as take photo of your transfer receipt. 特别说明 Notes*按我国政府和学校相关规定,对无故不按时缴纳学费和住宿费者、恶意欠费者学校不予注册、不予办理有效居留许可、取消学籍、限期离境。* According to the regulations of Chinese government and the university, it is not allowed to register or to apply for valid residence permits for those who fail to pay tuition fees and accommodation fees on time without reason and who maliciously owe tuition fees. These students’ school status will be cancelled, and shall leave the country within a time limit.           *所有入住学校公寓的国际学生水电费自理。因拖欠水电费而导致的一切后果由国际学生本人承担。* All international students living in university dormitory must cover all of the payment for its own water and electricity fees, etc.. The students themselves are responsible for all the consequences caused by the arrears of water and electricity charges.* 因疫情原因,2021级新生目前暂不能来华到校学习,所以2021级一年制汉语进修生报名费(注册费)和学费、2021级学历生报名费(注册费)、2020级学历生学费可采用国际汇款方式缴纳。*Because of COVID-19, freshmen of batch 2021 can not come to China to study in university for the time being. Therefore, the payment for the registration fee and tuition of the 2021 Chinese language program students and the registration fee of the 2021 bachelor students as well as the tuition fee of the 2020 bachelor students can be accepted by international remittance though the bank transfer.03疫情防控相关要求Relevant Requirements for Epidemic Prevention and Control1、根据学校疫情防控要求,全体在校外国留学生“非必要不离杭”,确有需要外出的需提前两天以上向辅导员提出申请,待学校批准以后方可离杭。未经审批擅自离杭的,一律按照校规校纪严肃处理。According to the school's epidemic prevention and control requirements, all international students in school "non-essentially do not leave Hangzhou". Those who really need to go out must apply to the counselor more than two days in advance, and they can only leave Hangzhou after the school approves. Those who leave Hangzhou without approval will be dealt with strictly in accordance with school rules and disciplines.2、新学期继续实行“晚点名”制度,在校外国留学生应每天如实向辅导员汇报自己当日的健康和外出情况。对于在“晚点名”过程中的非诚信行为,学校将依规严肃处理。In the new semester, the “evening-roll call” domitory system will continue to be implemented. International students in campus should truthfully report their health and going out to the counselor every day. As rules, university will seriously deal with the dishonest behaviors in the “evening-roll call”.3、一旦出现发热、干咳、乏力、嗅觉味觉减退、咽痛、肌痛和腹泻等新冠肺炎相关症状应立即向辅导员汇报,并规范佩戴口罩到定点医疗机构发热门诊检查治疗。Once relevant symptoms of COVID-19 such as fever, dry cough, fatigue, decreased sense of smell and taste, sore throat, myalgia, and diarrhea occur, students should immediately report to the counselor, and go to the fever clinic of designated medical institutions for examination and treatment while properly wearing a mask.4、学校鼓励在校外国留学生在“自愿、自费、自担风险”的情况下接种新冠疫苗。The school encourages international students on campus to be vaccinated against the COVID-19 under the condition of “voluntary, self-financed, and self-risked” conditions.5、在中国境内杭州以外其他城市的外国留学生需要返校的,应向辅导员提出申请,待学校批准后按照疫情防控要求做好核酸检测、健康检测等。If international students in other cities outside Hangzhou within China need to return to school, they should apply to the counselor. After the school approves, they should perform nucleic acid testing and health testing in accordance with the requirements of epidemic prevention and control.04未尽事宜以杭州电子科技大学国际教育学院通知为准Anything not covered above shall be prevailed from HDU School of International Education Quick links 杭州电子科技大学英文网站 Dean's Email| About us| Contact us 2016 Copyright © The Sino-British College, USST, Hangzhou. All rights reserved. Number of ICP:浙ICP备07037311号

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